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Glen Thomas Hierlmeier

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Honor & Innocence: Against the Tides of War


We Had to Live: We Had No Choice

Glendon and
Annadell Hierlmeier

Glen 'n' Ann's Cozy Inn circa 1945


Thoughts from Yesterday: Moments to Remember



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Lazlo's Revenge: Against the Odds 

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Things My Momma Taught Me


Honor & Innocence: Against the Tides of War


Robert James - A modern day Odyssey, which like all ancient Greek tragedies takes the reader on a winding adventure across land and sea, while never forgetting the moral, spiritual, and personal meanings underlying the story. Masterfully weaves together history, intrigue and the pathos of the human spirit.

KellyAnne80 - Captivating read, loved the "travel around the world" aspect of this book. I was immediately drawn to a place that was oddly familiar, yet sad all at once. A love story that reminds you that love stories are all sorts of unbelievable.   

MikiHope - A really good book about the human side of war.

RuthieAnnie - I came to know and respect Hank and Roberta, and often found myself wanting to jump in and save them from the trials they had to endure.

WeLoveBooks - Glen is an amazing writer. If I could give this book ten stars, I would!

jackie - An eye opener! It shows that there is good and bad in every culture. An excellent history lesson. Sad, but so very interesting!  

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Can love blossom and flourish between an American soldier and the daughter of a German Nazi leader in the aftermath of war? If you love romance stories, read this book. If you love traveling the world, read this book. If you love adventure, read this book. If you believe unexpected plot twists are delightful, if you believe that the unbelieveable is sometimes very believable, then read this book.

What really happens…to German prisoners-of-war held  at an internment camp at Camp Wolters Texas in America during WWII in America ,when they are returned to what remains of their homeland after WWII?  If you think you know history, think again.

Young and naïve, Hank Fischer has no idea what the real meaning of war is, only that he is willing to protect his family and country, buoyed by his belief that ultimately the common citizen and the innocent overcome the wicked and powerful. He and hundreds of thousands of American youth in the fresh spring of life could not really know what lay ahead. Never did it enter his mind he would fall in love thousands of miles from home in a very foreign land, and experience the aftermath of the bombings of Bremen and Hamburg and the devastation of Germany while falling in love with a German girl who was the daughter of a Nazi official.

Honor & Innocence: Against the Tides of War, is the first in an upcoming series of novels that weaves together a deeply intriguing and heart-grabbing love story with the authentic historic circumstances in which the stories of fascinating characters takes place. This first book in the series takes the reader through the devastation left by World War II across the European and Asian continents, following the course forced upon the two unlikely lovers, Hank, an American soldier, and Roberta, a German girl, the twin sister of a German prisoner of war Hank is responsible for. Hank falls in love with Roberta, and an improbable romance and death-defying escape ensues.

 I invite the reader to come along on the intense and captivating journey with Hank and Roberta to learn history from a perspective often overlooked in the history books.  Hank Fischer was drafted into the American Army soon after high school graduation in 1945, beginning a saga of intrigue, horror, and love that over six months took him from his southern Wisconsin home to Texas, then Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Singapore, revealing the bitter truth of the devastation of war. In the Texas prisoner of war camp where Germans were interned, he was targeted by Haynes who became his lifelong tormentor, but he also began his closest, nearly unimaginable lifelong friendship with Max, a German prisoner of war under his supervision, whose twin sister, Roberta, back in their German homeland, was destined to become the love of his life and his wife.

        Hank is drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue by the common heritage he shares with Max, and the intense love he finds with Roberta---Hank's grandparents were born near Munich, Germany, only a short distance from where Max and Roberta were born and raised on a farm by their widower father, a World War I veteran who was personally asked by Adolph Hitler to become his Obergruppenfuhrer in the Nazi SS. Because of their ties to the SS through their father, Max and Roberta are pursued by the Intelligence Force of the American and British Occupation.

        Faced with a choice between his love for Roberta and allegiance to the Army, Hank chooses to collaborate with Max and free Roberta from a British prison camp, beginning a desperate flight through war-torn Germany where they witness first-hand the ravages of post war Europe, staying perilously ahead of pursuing forces. They are immersed in horrors of the war, bombed-out cities, dead bodies, displaced persons by the millions, desperation and hopelessness, giving the reader a rare look at the despair of victims of the hubris of men seeking power for the sake of power . . . all amidst a powerful love story.


We Had to Live: We Had No Choice


Our heritage is far richer when the dead are not left to lie quietly forgotten; rather, we are blessed and encouraged when we remain connected with the deceased through our memories of them and our knowledge of their joys and sorrows, their victories and defeats. Their spirits can inspire us in our daily lives and support us in difficult times. They are the foundation upon which our lives are built.

So . . . this is decidedly not a family history. It is a narrative—a story told to honor those whose legacy we inherited. I claim no ownership of the truth or a unique perspective. I did not intend to accurately and completely trace the ancestry of the family; there are others much more capable and disposed to do so. Rather, it is a story of a family in turmoil and about the people who lived it.

It is a story far deeper in tragedy and richer in triumph of the human will than I had dared to imagine when I first began this narrative journey!


Synopsis - We Had to Live: We Had No Choice 

Compelling, inspiring and moving, We Had to Live is the true story of five generations of the Sewell family, beginning with the immigration of Thomas Sewell from London, England in 1773 and all the way to the end of the author’s mother’s life in 1993.Written by author Glen Thomas Hierlmeier, this informative and poignant read showcases the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a family in search of the great American Dream.

Thomas Sewell sailed to America as an indentured servant aboard a slave ship. He then gained his freedom by serving in the Revolutionary War under General George Washington. The story moves on with the family as they became true American pioneers. They settled into the Ohio territory as Thomas was granted land for his service in the war. His sons and families continued their westward adventure into Indiana. Due to changing government policies, they were forced to leave Indiana for Wisconsin after World War I. It was in Wisconsin that the author’s parents began their journey.

A story about perseverance, hope and the unwavering human spirit, this must-read shares a myriad of insights about the lives of immigrants. With shocking twists and turns that will pique readers’ curiosity, We Had to Live represents the history of generations of people who, just like many, have been struggling to strive for greener pastures over the years.



The author, Glen Thomas, is pictured with his grandchildren for whom

their family legacy has been preserved in these pages.


A quote from the author:

The graves of our ancestors lay silent and still under the western canopy, stark testimony to the travails of the American pioneer; yet they trumpet loudly the deep spiritual call these and many other generations have heard and answered, pushing ever onward toward their manifest destiny. We profit from their experiences and we honor their sacrifices. They have left a trail that now belongs to all of us who would dare like they dared, to respond to the call on our lives, each one in his or her own way.